The Rules


Now’s your time to have some fun,

Be creative, there’s prizes to be won.


Choose a place for Norman & Nancy,

It doesn’t need to be anything fancy.


Look below for some inspiration,

It’s up to you to choose the location!


When you’ve found just the right spot,

It is time to take the shot.


Instagram is where you’ll need to go,

To upload your photo.


Add our unique hashtag, and you’ll be in with a chance,

No Instagram? Don’t worry, we’ve thought in advance!


Email your photo to the address below,

We will wait and watch as our inboxes grow!


December 31st is your target to submit,

Share & pass it on; just have a go at it!


When the January blues begin to set in,

Watch out for the 7th, it might be you to win!


We will post a live feed, announcing the winners,

Something to look forward to – after all those turkey dinners.

Don't forget to hashtag your photo


If you don't have Instagram, please submit your photo to:

Thank you!

Merry Christmas 

& Good Luck!

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