A Living Art Structure

A creative take on the living wall

Our modern society is all about image, and nothing beats nature for beauty. A well-designed, flourishing green wall can drastically improve a building’s appearance, adding colour and texture, that will never go out of fashion.

Berkeley Homes approached us with a challenge.

The brief…

Create two metal structures to resemble the letters K & V, and using different varieties of plants, which vary in colour, growth and flower, create a living art structure to be placed in the 86 acres of open parkland surrounding Kidbrooke Village in London.

It all began with a large sheet of metal…

Enter ‘Metal Ace’, our on-site metal workshop and sister company.

Once carefully cut to size, the metal had to be heated and shaped.

The welding process…

Building a strong foundation...

The external structures are beginning to take shape.

Wooden internal structures – cut to size & painted.

Coating & colour

From metal structure, to living art.

From Media Ace, to Kidbrooke Village.

The structure can be seen right in the heart of the village, perfectly veiled amongst the copper buildings and lush, green, open parkland.

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