Coexistence at Bicester Village

Across Asia, elephants live in landscapes transformed and populated by humans. From India to Vietnam, roads and railways divide traditional elephant migratory routes. Tea and coffee plantations have replaced forest habitats. In the last fifty years, their population has been slashed in half and 90 percent of their natural territory has vanished, leaving Asia’s 47,000 elephants and many other species coexisting with humans closer than ever before. Along with the ever-escalating space threat, poaching and skin trade continue to rise.

Bicester Village have teamed up with ‘The Real Elephant Collective’ and ‘Elephant Family’, a dynamic, non-profit charity, whose work protects the iconic Asian Elephant from extinction. With a focus on human-wildlife coexistence, Elephant Family are determined to raise funds to protect Asian Elephants and their habitat, through art and adventure.

On a mission to save a forgotten species from extinction, overnight, Media Ace set up a new and exciting pop-up throughout the village. De-assembling the iconic ‘seasonal changes’ pop-up, a new wooden structure was built.

Upon this structure, a Living Wall was assembled and filled with beautiful plants by Nikki Tibbles, Wild at Heart, re-creating Asia’s rich and diverse backdrop.

Created by a team of artisans deep in the forests of Tamil Nadu, Southern India, six spectacular life-size elephants have been made from lantana camara – an invasive weed that’s choking their natural habitat.

Support the ongoing work of Elephant Family and join them on their journey to protect the majestic Asian elephant – on display at Bicester Village as part of their ‘All Things India’ experience until 10th June.


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