PPE Type 1 CE registered Disposable Face Masks with elasticated ear loops.

x10 PPE Disposable Protective Face Masks

  • Our PPE Face Masks are suitable for protecting harmful particles such as dust, PM2.5 haze particles, flu bacteria and flying droplets. Our Face Masks come in packs of x10.



    Outer: 20g blue non-woven fabric (medical grade)

    Middle: 25g BFE >/95% melt-blown fabric (medical grade)

    Inner: 20g white non-woven fabric (medical grade)



    • To ensure a clean and hygenic mask, avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands.
    • Every time you wear the mask, you should immediately do a "tight type" check to make sure the mask is in the right place.
    • Wash your hands before wearing the mask. If you are exposed to a dusty enviroment, please keep wearing the mask.
    • Replace the mask as soon as possible when you feel your breathing resistance increasing, or when your mask becomes soiled or torn.
    • This mask is not washable.
    • Unused masks should be stored in a clean enviroment.

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